Language And Dialects

  1. In the USA, the Amish (sometimes known as the Pennsylvania Dutch) speak a dialect of:Globe-1
    A. Aramaic
    B. Dutch
    C. German
  2. True or false: In Japan, most men and women speak different forms of Japanese.
  3. Several dialects are recognized as distinct languages in Spain. Can you match the following languages with the appropriate data?
    A. Basque 1. Spoken in Galicia
    B. Castilian 2. Not related to Spanish
    C. Galician 3. Spain's official dialect
  4. Muslims believe that God spoke Arabic, the official language of many countries such as Oman and Morocco. True or false: Spoken Arabic has no regional dialects.
  5. Which of the following is not one of Belgium's three official languages?
    A. Flemish
    B. French
    C. German
    D. Luxembourgish
  6. True or false: In 1966, the French government established a commission to combat Franglais, a mixture of French and English.
  7. The official form of the German language is commonly known as Hochdeutsch. True or false: Martin Luther's translation of the Old Testament into Hochdeutsch helped make it the leading dialect.
  8. Until recently, most Chinese immigrants to North America came from the region around Hong Kong. Which of the following Chinese dialects is the most widely used there?
    A. Cantonese
    B. Mandarin
    C. Shanghainese
  9. Italy has many dialects, some of which are not mutually intelligible, but standard Italian is abased on a dialect used by such prestigious authors as Petrarch and Dante. Which dialect is it?
    A. Roman
    B. Sicilian
    C. Tuscan
  10. Cockney immigrants to Australia brought their dialect, which employs a rhyming slang, in which rhymes are substituted for words. Can you match the original words with their Australian slang rhymes?
    A. Bread 1. Butcher's hook
    B. Look 2. Cheese and kisses
    C. Mrs. 3. Roses are red


  1. C. The name Pennsylvania Dutch is derived from Deutsch, meaning "German."
  2. True. The Japanese language has several degrees of politeness, and traditional Japanese women speak a very deferential form of the language.
  3. A,2; B,3; C,1
  4. False
  5. D. Even in Luxembourg, Luxembourgish is not an official language!
  6. True. Haut-Comité pour la défence et l'expansion de la langue Française created French terms to replace words borrowed from English.
  7. True
  8. A. Mandarin, however, is the official language of the People's Republic of China.
  9. C. However, since Italy's biggest movie studios are in Rome, the Roman dialect is often heard in the media.
  10. A,3; B,1; C,2

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