Boys And Their Toys

  1. Globe-25Investment Bike author, Jim Rogers, fulfilled a common male fantasy by motorcycling around the world. Can you match each cycle with its country of origin?
    A. BMW 1. Japan
    B. Harley-Davidson 2. Germany
    C. Kawasaki 3. USA
  2. Over the years, different breeds of animals have been prestigious acquisitions. True or false: A jellyfish in an aquarium is now considered a highly prized pet in Japan.
  3. Many scouts dream of making archaeological discoveries in exotic lands. One successful expedition is described by Nicholas Clapp in his book, The Roadto Ubar. Where did he find the fabled city of Ubar?
    A. Italy
    B. Oman
    C. China
  4. The finest watches are investments as well as timepieces. True or false: Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre is noted for its Reverso, which flips over to protect the crystal.
  5. Why buy just a case of fine liquor, when you can buy the whole distillery? Match these exceptional spirits with the countries in which they are produced:
    A. Jack Daniels 1. Scotland
    B. Lagavulin 2. Sweden
    C. Absolut 3. USA
  6. When money is no object, you buy...books? True or false: The world's richest man, Bill Gates, paid $30.8 million for a journal by Italy's brilliant Renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci.
  7. Luxury vessels are on many wish lists. Where are Queenship yachts created?
    A. Canada
    B. The Netherlands
    C. South Africa
  8. While you may never ride a legend such as Seattle Slew, you could own one of his offspring. True or false: Seattle Slew, the only undefeated Triple Crown winner in history, is available for a mere stud fee of $100,000.00.
  9. Fly me to the moon! With enough money, you could build your own space vehicle. True or false: Geographically, Peru is an optimum rocket-launching site.
  10. Rockets not your cup of tea? Try hot-air ballooning! True or false: The British firm, Cameron Balloons, once created an 85 foot balloon shaped like Malcolm Forbes.


  1. A, 2; B, 3; C, 1
  2. True. The Japanese also consider jelly fish an edible delicacy.
  3. B. Sometimes described as "the Atlantis of Arabia," Ubar had been lost since its destruction between 300 to 500 A.D.
  4. True. It was developed for polo-playing British officers serving in India at the end of the Twenties.
  5. A, 3; B, 1; C, 2
  6. True. Gates purchased Da Vinci's journal, called the Codex Leicester, in 1994.
  7. A. Queenship is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  8. True. Three Chimneys Farm in Kentucky is home to the famous stallion.
  9. True. Launching from Peru's high plains and equatorial location makes it easier to achieve orbit.
  10. False. Forbes ordered a replica of Ludwig von Beethoven for a tour over Germany.

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