1. Can you match each of the following countries with its famous wine product?Globe-18
    A. Chianti--a red wine in a straw-wrapped bottle 1. Hungary
    B. Pinotage--a hybrid red wine 2. Italy
    C. Tokay (Tokaj)--a sweet dessert wine 3. USA (California)
    D. White ("Pink") Zinfandel--a sweet, fruity wine 4. South Africa
  2. True or False: Although many countries produce sherry, it is traditionally associated with Belgium.
  3. What accounts for the sweetness of the white wines known as Sauternes?
    A. A fungal infection, botrytis cinerea (a.k.a. noble rot), on the grapes
    B. Individual grapes are hand-picked at the peak of ripeness
    C. The Sauterne grape is one of the sweeter varieties of grapes
    D. All of the above
  4. Port comes from Portugal, but for centuries, the export of the wine has been largely controlled by vineyard owners from which country?
    A. Spain
    B. England
    C. The Netherlands
  5. Sake is thought of as a Japanese rice wine (although it is technically a rice beer). True or False: Sake is properly served heated.
  6. Which country is the largest wine producer in South America?
    A. Argentina
    B. Brazil
    C. Chile
  7. In the last century, the phylloxera louse devastated many of the world's best wine-producing grapes. True or False: Geographically isolated, the vineyards of Chile have never been infected by phylloxera.
  8. Australia has become a major wine producer. Which of the following is NOT true about Australian winemaking?
    A. The Syrah grape is also called Shiraz.
    B. Radically different grapes may be combined in wine, such as the unique Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon blend.
    C. Wine has replaced beer as the preferred drink in Australia.
  9. New Zealand also exports wine. True or False: New Zealand produces wine which is nearly identical to that of Australia.
  10. Madeira is another product of Portugal. True or False: Until the second half of the 19th century, it was the most popular wine in the USA.


  1. A,2; B,4; C,1; D,3
  2. False. Sherry is a traditional product of Spain.
  3. D. Sauternes are also grown in Bordeaux, France.
  4. B. The British took over the Port trade during the 17th century,when they were at war with France and needed a substitute for French wine.
  5. True. Many recommend a temperature of 100 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. A. Although Chilean wines are better known in the export market, Argentina's wine production is about four times greater than Chile's.
  7. True.
  8. C. Beer remains the Aussies' #1 alcoholic drink.
  9. False. New Zealand is generally cooler than Australia, and the climate yields different wines.
  10. True. Disease and poor weather so damaged Madeira's crop that it lost popularity after 1920.

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