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Spain – ¡España!

Alicante and the Alhambra I traveled to Spain recently for both work and pleasure – yes, lucky me! Alicante, on the Costa Blanca, was first.  It’s a jewel of a city with an esplanade made of mosaic tiles that swirl like waves around your feet. (photos below)  Flanked by palm trees, abutting a marina, the […]

New E-Book Version of “Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands®!”

New E-Book Version of Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands®: The Bestselling Guide to Doing Business in More Than Sixty Countries with EXTRA CONTENT! I’m pleased to announce the E-book version of Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands®: The Bestselling Guide to Doing Business in More Than Sixty Countries. It is available for U.S. $9.99 on Amazon.com: […]

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Seminar References

While I love receiving feedback after a seminar, I have historically been remiss in posting evaluations on my website.  This year, I will try to do a better job of sharing these letters and emails from seminar clients.  The first one is from the International Franchise Association – a exciting new client which will also […]


Higher Ground: Meetings with a Purpose

By Terri Morrison © Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved You may be familiar with meeting programs that take managers off to trendy retreats and train them in survival skills. Sometimes the participants are encouraged to walk over hot coals, repel over sheer cliffs, or do rope tricks in tree canopies. These programs are great confidence […]


Sign Language

When first twin Jenna Bush flashed the Hook ‘Em Horns at an inaugural bash, she was just showing Texas pride. Little did she know that the horns were also the calling card of the Death Metal movement that sparked mayhem in Norway some years ago. Which got us thinking: what other parts of the globe […]

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Lie to Me

By Terri Morrison© Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved What constitutes a lie? Per the dictionary, it’s, “An untrue statement made with intent to deceive.” But, if you lie to spare someone’s feelings (“Does this dress make me look fat?” “Of course not, you’re gorgeous!”) is it still wrong? Probably not in that case, but it […]

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Be in a new ABA book! Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands®: Courtrooms and Corporate Counsels

In 2015, the ABA will publish Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands®: Courtrooms and Corporate Counsels.  The original Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands® is a Library Journal “Best Business Books” winner, with over 300,000 copies sold.   We are asking legal professionals for help with the research for this new ABA book! Please email your responses to […]


International Trade Shows

By Terri Morrison© Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved When multinational firms consider where to put their global marketing dollars, they may select an international trade show. But since the investment required is so substantial, it’s wise to do extensive research to ensure success in each international venue. How to set up your booth Exhibits that […]

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May I Have Your Card?

What Size Is Yours? U.S. Business Cards (3 ½” x 2”), or European (3.37” x 2.12”), or Japanese (3.583” x 2.165”) By Terri Morrison, Copyright 2014, all rights reserved   Global business card dimensions vary. So does card stock, font, color and the content on the card. Add in different languages, titles, methods of exchanging […]

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Tips on Doing Business In A Global Economy

Nice article in the Delaware County News Network By Margie Royalmroyal@delconewsnetwork.com Terri Morrison has written a series of bestsellers that prepare business people for international negotiations.   Now that our world operates in a global economy, it’s vital to know how to best conduct yourself when negotiating in a foreign country. Terri Morrison has found […]