Slews Of Zoos

  1. Globe-5The Civil War delayed the opening of the oldest chartered zoo in the USA. True or false: The zoo is in Philadelphia.
  2. Which country can boast many zoos, four of which are outstanding?
    A. Italy
    B. Spain
    C. Germany
  3. True or false: Panama has two world-class zoos with large collections of Amazonian flora and fauna.
  4. Which of the following zoos has the largest giant panda collection outside China?
    A. Buenos Aires Zoological Park in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    B. Zoológico de Chapultepec in Mexico City
    C. Park of the Legends Zoo in Lima, Peru
  5. True or false: Established in the 1790s in Paris, the Jardin des Plantes Ménagerie is one of the oldest zoos in Europe.
  6. Which country has one of the largest percentages of protected land areas?
    A. Colombia
    B. Costa Rica
    C. Chile
  7. Zoos that have removed all visible bars or cages are known as open zoos.True or false: Singapore's Zoological Gardens employs moated enclosures,streams, and ponds.
  8. Great Britain is home to two zoos that rank among the world's best. Which two are they?
    A. Edinburgh Zoo and London Zoo
    B. Perth Zoo and Royal Melbourne Zoo
    C. Bristol Zoo and Chester Zoo
  9. Which of these Asian cities has not one but two major zoos?
    A. Bangkok, Thailand
    B. Taipei, Taiwan
    C. Tokyo
  10. In which of these cities can you visit the Al Ain Zoo & Aquarium, the most comprehensive zoo in the Middle East?
    A. Bahrain, Bahrain
    B. Doha, Qatar
    C. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


  1. True. The Philadelphia Zoo was chartered in 1859 and opened in 1874.
  2. C. The four zoos are: Zoologischer Garten Berlin, Carl HagenbeckTierpark, Munchener Tierpark Hellabrunn, and Wilhelma Zoologisch-BotanischerGarten.
  3. False. Brazil's Jardim Botânico and São PauloZoological Park are in Rio de Janeiro.
  4. B. Mexico City's Zoológico de Chapultepec has successfullybred giant pandas six times.
  5. True
  6. B. About twenty-seven percent of Costa Rica's land has been setaside as national parks, wildlife refuges, Indian reservations, or otherprotected areas.
  7. True. The Singapore Zoological Gardens is an excellent example of anopen-zoo design.
  8. A
  9. C. Tokyo's Tama Zoological Park opened in 1958 to relieve crowdingat Ueno Municipal Zoo.
  10. C

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