Hat Trick

  1. Globe-19The traditional clothing of an Arabic man includes a thoub (robe), as well as a head scarf and black braided cord called:
    A. A bisht, or mishlah
    B. A ghutra and igaal
    C. A bourgha and abaya
  2. Wide-brimmed sombreros have been keeping the sun off Latin Americans for centuries. True or false: The classic sombrero is kept in place with a strap beneath the chin.
  3. Popularized by King Edward VII of England, this felt hat has a high crown with a deep crease across the middle, similar to the fedora. It is a:
    A. Bowler
    B. Deerstalker
    C. Homburg
  4. Originating in Scotland, the tam-o'-shanter is a larger version of the beret. True or false: Except for size, there is no difference between the tam-o'-shanter and the beret.
  5. The Stetson was designed in 1865 as the quintessential cowboy hat of the American West. For years, Stetsons were manufactured in which city?
    A. Austin, Texas
    B. Denver
    C. Philadelphia
  6. The Dutch hoofdijzer (head iron) and oorijzer (ear iron) styles added metal to headgear. True or false: These hats were designed to protect men in battle.
  7. This flat cloth hat was ubiquitous in France between the 1920s and the 1950s, and is still worn by French soldiers. Which is it?
    A. Beret
    B. Fedora
    C. Toque
  8. For much of this century, upper-class Englishmen wore bowler hats, called derbies in the USA. True or false: this style is very similar to hats worn by women among the indigenous people of Peru.
  9. Variations of the cowboy hat are found throughout the world. Can you match the following hats wiht their countries of origin?
    A. Bush hat 1. Australia
    B. Akubra hat 2. Canada
    C. Tilley hat 3. New Zealand
  10. Closely associated with Spain, the mantilla is a lace veil or shawl worn over the head and shoulders. True or false: The mantilla is draped over a stiff-tiaralike frame called a peineta.


  1. B. The bisht, or mishlah, is a formal cloak; the bourgha and abayaare the robe and veil that some Arabic women wear.
  2. True
  3. C. Although popularized by an English king, it was named after its original manufacturer in Homburg, Germany.
  4. False. The tam-o'-shanter usually has a pom-pom on its crown.
  5. C.
  6. False. These were actually women's hats, with metal decorations under a linen cap.
  7. A.
  8. True.
  9. A, 3; B, 1; C, 2.
  10. True.

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