1. Flag2True or false: One of the world’s oldest known paintings was found on a cave wall in Pech-Merle, France.
  2. Most Muslim art, including architecture and paintings, is limited by which of the following proscriptions?
    A. Blue and red may not be used together
    B. Geometric patterns may not be depicted.
    C. Images of humans and animals may not be depicted.
  3. Which of the following cities was Japan’s traditional center for art, as well as the country’s ancient capital?
    A. Kyoto
    B. Osaka
    C. Tokyo
  4. The two largest collections of sculptor Auguste Rodin’s work are found in Rodin museums located in which two cities?
    A. Frankfurt and Montreal
    B. Paris and Philadelphia
    C. Brussels and Warsaw
  5. True or false: The center of Brazil’s capital city, Brasília, is a wonderful place to stroll, but contains nothing of architectural interest.
  6. One of the most expensive opera houses constructed in the twentieth century was designed by the Danish architect Joern Utzon. Where is this building?
    A. Zurich
    B. Sydney
    C. Johannesburg
  7. True or false: John Constable is considered by many to be England’s greatest naturalistic landscape painter.
  8. The National Gallery of Canada, renowned for its unique architecture, can be found in which Canadian city?
    A. Vancouver
    B. Montreal
    C. Ottawa
  9. True or false: The Medicis of Florence, Italy, are universally associated with the Renaissance because of the role they played as patrons of the arts.
  10. The Louvre, the Museo del Prado, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are three of the world’s most outstanding art museums. In which three cities are they found?
    A. Quebec, Rome, and Los Angeles
    B. London, Milan, and Boston
    C. Paris, Madrid, and New York


  1. True. The painting depicts the image of a white hand surrounded by red ocher.
  2. C. Not all Muslim countries, however, adhere to this restriction.
  3. A. Japan’s capital was moved to Tokyo in 1869.
  4. B. Philadelphia’s Rodin Museum is second only to the Musée Auguste Rodin in Paris.
  5. False. Brasília’s architecture is so impressive that UNESCO placed the city on the list of World Heritage Sites. Built on a grand scale for automobiles, Brasília is not a comfortable place to walk.
  6. B. The Sydney Opera House was expected to take four years and $7 million to build, but it took fourteen years and more than $100 million to erect.
  7. True
  8. C. Ottawa is also Canada’s capital city.
  9. True. The Medicis were also important Renaissance politicians, merchants, and religious leaders.
  10. C