1. Globe-17Satirist H.L. Mencken said, “If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it’s good enough for me.” However, most Swiss businesspeople speak at least a little:
    A. Swiss, English, and Italian
    B. German, French, Italian, and English
    C. Dutch, Italian, French, and Romansch
  2. Good first impressions can be made by using correct introductions. The phrase Trevligt att träffas (Pleased to meet you) is a gracious greeting in:
    A. St. Kitts and Nevis
    B. St. Croix
    C. Sweden
  3. At breakfast in Egypt, you might ask for some ful. True or false: This common dish is a sugary, sesame-seed confection.
  4. Toastmasters in Beijing say Ganbei (Dry glass). Match the following toasts to the places you are likely to hear them.
    A. A la Salute; Cin Cin 1. Hawaii
    B. Saude; Viva 2. Italy
    C. Ola mau loa 3. Brazil
  5. George Bernard Shaw said, “America and Britain are two nations divided by a common language.” True or false: US kerosene is called paraffin England.
  6. In Jamaica, something that is irie is:
    A. Illegal
    B. Bad or nasty
    C. Good or nice
  7. The cry of the French Revolution was liberté, égalité, fraternité. True or false: This is usually translated into English as liberty, egalitarianism, fatherhood.
  8. If you’re invited to a Braaivleis in South Africa, you can expect a:
    A. Formal dinner
    B. Barbecue
    C. Costume party
  9. True or false: To “jack up” something in New Zealand is to arrange or organize it.
  10. There are variations of Spanish throughout Latin America, but the following phrases will get you through many situations in any Spanish-speaking nation. Match the phrase with its meaning.
    A. Por favor 1. Thank you
    B. Perdón 2. I’m sorry
    C. Gracias 3. Excuse me
    D. Lo siento 4. Please


  1. B. Switzerland has three official languages: French, Italian, and German, although most businesspeople speak some English as well. The Swiss also have a protected language, Romansch, and take the preservation of their languages and cultures quite seriously.
  2. C. In Sweden, it’s pronounced TRAYvlikt aht TREHffass.
  3. False. Ful is a fava-bean dish. Sesame seeds go into halawa.
  4. A,2; B,3; C,1
  5. True. And of course, gasoline is called petrol.
  6. C. The term is often used in reggae music.
  7. False. The usual translation is liberty, equality, fraternity. This slogan has been adopted by many freedom fighters in the 200-plus years since the French Revolution.
  8. B. Often shortened to Braai, such barbecues are popular ways of entertaining. Guests often bring alcohol to Braaivleises.
  9. True
  10. A,4; B,3; C,1; D,2