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Spain – ¡España!

Alicante and the Alhambra

I traveled to Spain recently for both work and pleasure – yes, lucky me!

Alicante, on the Costa Blanca, was first.  It’s a jewel of a city with an esplanade made of mosaic tiles that swirl like waves around your feet. (photos below)  Flanked by palm trees, abutting a marina, the walkway is a work of art.  Follow it, and it leads you to a beach that literally sits below a castle.

Besides the obvious joys of this resort, the visit was a precious link in time.  Years ago I studied in Spain, and roomed with several students.  One of those brilliant friends went on to become a notario (which is a far more sophisticated position in Spain than in the USA) and now lives in Alicante.  Fortunately, Pilar was able to take a short break from her practice, so we packed some bags in her car, and drove west to Granada to see the Alhambra.  www.alhambradegranada.org

One of Pilar’s relatives recommended a boutique hotel called Gar-Anat ,which turned out to be a charming find – it included a great little breakfast served in a tunnel below the hotel!  www.hotelgaranat.com  (no funds or comps were exchanged for this endorsement).   From there, we strolled and hiked all over the city’s cobblestone streets.  ¡Subir!  If you haven’t visited Granada – go!  And try to have a glass of wine just before dusk at one of the restaurants high across the gorge from the Alhambra.

Sitting there, you may feel Andalusia’s eons wash over you.  The snow-capped Sierra Nevada are a stunning backdrop for the ancient fortress and exquisite Moorish palace – which ultimately became a favorite location for Spanish monarchs.   Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand II actually rest in the crypt of the Royal Chapel of Granada.  http://www.capillarealgranada.com/index.en.html

Spending time with friends in such a profound spot was a rare luxury.  And ¡fíjate!  By the time I flew home from Madrid, I was dreaming in Spanish again.

¡Qué gracia!

Do you have favorite recollections of Spain?  Please add them!

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