stacks_image_205November 11, 2011

Their latest book, Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands:  Sales & Marketing, is billed as the “Essential Cultural Guide–From Presentaions and Promotions to Communicating and Closing.”  While the book contains much of the wisdom of their classic publication, it takes a step further, concentrating on how all parts of a business strategy needs to be effectively tuned to cultural differences.

For example, company websites are now one of the critical cornerstones of a business strategy.  The authors remind us:  “Inadvertently selecting the wrong website layout, the wrong sales approach, or the wrong advertising hook can result in lost market share.” Readers  get very specific pointers per country about taboo subjects, colors, images and words to avoid or to emphasize.

Patricia Kutza – Vallejo Community Issues

stacks_image_60March 15, 2007

The year’s business reading identified new trends, reckoned with old challenges, offered counteropinions on hot topics, reinforced some old lessons, highlighted gains over losses, celebrated innovations that have potential for all, and observed the failures of these innovations to keep their promise. In short, it was a year of balancing equations—of balancing the books. A veritable definition of the state of today’s business world, these are the best of the year.
Morrison, Terri & Wayne A. Conaway.Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: The Bestselling Guide to Doing Business in More Than 60 Countries. 2d ed. B. Adams Pub. Group. 592p. ISBN 978-1-59337-368-9. pap. $24.95.

The definitive reference for doing business around the world. A clear and comprehensible format, country by country, provides both general cultural orientations and specific business etiquette and local negotiation strategies. (1st ed. reviewed, LJ 1/95)

Sarah Statz Cords, Carol Elsen, Caroline Geck, Lucy Heckman, Lawrence R. Maxted, & Stephen E. Turner