1. Globe-2Many sports are televised in the United States. In 1996, the longest-running locally produced sports show went off the air in Boston. Which of the following sports was featured on this show?
    A. Basketball
    B. Baseball
    C. Candlepin bowling
  2. In the winter sport of curling, a stone weighing more than forty pounds is slid along the ice toward a target zone. Curling rivals ice hockey as the national sport of Canada. True or false: Canadians are credited with adding the use of brooms to curling.
  3. Participants in this Nordic sport must be able to cross-country ski and shoot a rifle. This Olympic sport is called:
    A. The mogul
    B. The biathlon
    C. The luge
  4. True or false: Legend says that the Italian pastime of boccie dates backabout 2,000 years.
  5. An Olympic bobsled team from a Caribbean country inspired the 1993 filmCool Runnings. Which country was this team from ?
    A. Aruba
    B. Bermuda
    C. Jamaica
  6. True or false: Cricket is a leading sport on all of the following Caribbean islands: Antigua, Babbados, and Trinidad.
  7. Precursors to the game of golf were played in many countries, including France, England, and the Netherlands. True or false: One of the first modern golf organizations was established in Scotland.
  8. In 1969, Honduras and El Salvador fought a brief war. What sporting eventled to the outbreak of this war?:
    A. Baseball
    B. Basketball
    C. Soccer
    D. Synchronized swimming
  9. Although the modern game of tennis was first played in Wales in 1873,precursors to the sport were around for centuries. True or false: Tennis wasmentioned in the plays of William Shakespeare.
  10. Australian Rules football is colloquially known down under as:
    A. Arvo
    B. Footy
    C. Two-up

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    1. C. A variant of bowling indigenous to New England, candlepin had been featured on Boston’s channel 5 for thirty-seven years.
    2. False. The Scots were the first to use a broom to sweep the ice clear of snow from the path of a curling stone. Canadians added many innovations, including bringing the game indoors onto specially prepared sheets of ice.
    3. B. The sport is believed to have evolved from hunting on skis.
    4. True. Roman legionnaires are said to have invented boccie during the Punic Wars.
    5. C.
    6. True. This is not surprising, since they are all former British colonies.
    7. True. The Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers was established in Edinburgh in 1744.
    8. C. The five-day Soccer War ended when El Salvador withdrew from Honduran territory.
    9. True. Racket games are mentioned more than once, and the term tennis balls appears in the comedy Much Ado About Nothing.
    10. B. Arvo is Australian slang for “afternoon,” whiletwo-up is a game played with two spinning coins.