1. Flag-PinsMatch the volcanoes with their countries.
    A. Etna 1. Hawaii
    B. Izalco 2. Ecuador
    C. Mauna Loa 3. El Salvador
    D. Cotopaxi 4. Italy
  2. True or false: Aconcagua is the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere.
  3. Match the lakes to their lands.
    A. Great Bear 1. South Australia
    B. Titicaca 2. Sweden
    C. Nicaragua 3. Canada
    D. Eyre 4. Peru
    E. V&aumlnern 5. Nicaragua
  4. True or false: South America has a desert with the highest elevation in the world.
  5. Earth is riddled with caverns — from enormous ones loaded with stalactites and stalagmites to those smoothly eroded by eons of water. To what countries do these caves and caverns belong?
    A. Devil’s Hole 1. Spain
    B. Fingal’s Cave 2. Puerto Rico
    C. Jenolan Caves 3. Bermuda
    D. Crystal Caves 4. England
    E. Altamira Cave 5. Scotland
    F. Las Cuevas de Camuy 6. Australia
  6. Venezuela’s Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world. True or false: The second-highest waterfall, 3,110-foot Tugela Falls, is also in Venezuela.
  7. With approximately 200 geysers, Yellowstone National Park has the most spectacular displays of geothermal energy existent today. However, the world-record geyser — blasting 1,500 feet — is:
    A. Pele, in Hawaii
    B. Waimangu, in New Zealand
    C. Caliente, in Mexico
  8. Colombia’s huge salt mine at Zipaquirá is so large that it can fulfill all of South America’s salt needs. True or false: There is a cathedral large enough for 10,000 worshipers carved into this mine, 450 feet underground.
  9. There are tens of thousands of glaciers on the earth’s surface, and approximately seventy-five percent of the planet’s fresh water is stored in them. True or false: Glaciers exist on every continent except Africa.
  10. True or false: Mt. Waialeale, a volcanic peak on Kauai, Hawaii’s oldest island, is the wettest place on earth.
  • Bonus question. True or false: Kimberlite pipes are the primary source of diamonds in South Africa.

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  1. A, 4; B, 3; C, 1; D, 2
  2. True. Aconcagua is in the Andes, shared by Argentina and Chile, and reaches 22,834 feet.
  3. A, 3; B, 4; C, 5; D, 1; E, 2
  4. True. It’s the 600-mile-long Atacama Desert. Valuable for its nitrate deposits, Chile annexed it from Peru in the War of the Pacific (1879 to 1883).
  5. A, 4; B, 5; C, 6; D, 3; E, 1; F, 2
  6. False. Tugela Falls is in South Africa.
  7. B. Unfortunately, many of New Zealand’s geysers have been destroyed by recent geothermal-energy development.
  8. True. Dedicated in 1954, it is a major tourist attraction.
  9. False. Australia is the only continent without glaciers. (Based upon the seven accepted continental divisions of North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica.)
  10. True. Mt. Waialeale feeds seven rivers on Kauai.