1. Globe-11In Scotland, New Year’s Eve is traditionally celebrated with “first footing,” or visiting friends and family. True or false: To bring luck, the first guest to cross your threshold should be a woman with red hair.
  2. The African-American festival known as Kwanzaa lasts for seven days. At what time of year is the holiday celebrated?
    A. Between December 1 and December 15
    B. Between Christmas and New Year’s Day
    C. Between January 1 and January 15

  3. The Twelfth Day after Christmas is significant for many Christians because:
    A. It is the day the Magi visited Jesus.
    B. It is the feast of Epiphany.
    C. Both

  4. Christmas is an important holiday to Catholics in the Philippines. True or false: Filipino children often celebrate the holiday by constructing Christmas lanterns out of bamboo and tissue paper.
  5. This year, the Jewish festival Hanukkah begins at sundown on December 23. How many days does Hanukkah last?
    A. Six
    B. Seven
    C. Eight

  6. The Spirit of Christmas is personified in many forms. True or false: The Dutch version, Sinterklaas, is a saintly bishop who arrives on horseback after a sea journey from Spain.
  7. Many island nations observe Boxing Day on December 26. True or false: Boxing Day commemorates pugilists.
  8. The Hindu festival of Deepavali commemorates the return of the deity Lord Rama to his throne. This tradition is also known as:
    A. The Festival of Lights
    B. The Full Moon Festival
    C. The Harvest Festival
  9. Christmas is not an official national holiday in Taiwan. True or false: There is no holiday celebrated on December 25 in Taiwan.
  10. Christmas carols are sung throughout the world. In the 1970s, Puerto Rican native José Feliciano recorded what is now a Christmas staple. This song was:
    A. “Dreidel, Dreidel”
    B. “Feliz Navidad”
    C. “Blue Christmas”

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    1. False. A man with dark hair is considered most auspicious.
    2. B. This nondenominational festival begins on December 26.
    3. C.
    4. True. These lanterns are known as parols. There are competitions for finely crafted lanterns made by adults.
    5. C. One candle is added to the branched menorah each night.
    6. True. And rather than Mrs. Claus, he is accompanied by Zwarte Piet, his Moorish servant.
    7. False. Boxing Day is named for the former English custom of giving gift boxes to employees and tradespeople.
    8. A. As part of this festival, Hindus place lights outside their homes.
    9. False. Taiwan’s Constitution Day is celebrated on December 26.
    10. B.