1. Globe-14At the most exclusive restaurant in Caracas, you need a well-placed table to impress your new client. Like the song says, “You can’t always get what you want …” unless you tip the:
    A. Sommelier
    B. Maitre d’
    C. Waiter
  2. Marshmallows, corn on the cob, grits, pumpkin pie, crawfish, hot dogs.
    True or false: Most Europeans love the aforementioned US munchies.
  3. US executives often think they have no food taboos; however, in consideration of delicate US sensibilities, an entree was removed from the menus of Korean restaurants during the 1988 Olympics. What was it?
    A. Snake
    B. Dog
    C. Horse
  4. In what order do the seven courses in a Parisian restaurant arrive?
    A. Soup, salad, meat or fowl, sorbet, fish, dessert, coffee
    B. Soup, fish, sorbet, meat or fowl, salad, dessert, coffee
  5. It is said that toasts should be like a woman’s skirt: long enough to cover the subject, short enough to be amusing. Match the toast with the country.
    A. Germany 1. Slainte
    B. Japan 2. Prosit
    C. Ireland 3. Kampai
  6. True or false: Dinner reservations in Spain are generally for 8 p.m.
  7. Your final interview in Milan is conducted over lunch. As sophisticated as you are, you commit a few dining faux pas. Which of the following is not an error in etiquette?
    A. Leaving a trail of lipstick on the crystal
    B. Leaning your utensils off the edge of the plate, onto the table
    C. Cutting your pasta with your knife
    D. Folding your salad with your knife, instead of cutting it
  8. In Guatemala, you may be offered a drink with a legend attached: In order to seduce a pretty harpist, a demon pricked his finger and mixed a drop of blood with sugar-cane liquor. True or false: The drink is called boj.
  9. Match the taste treat with its country.
    A. Kidney pie 1. Mexico
    B. Haggis (sheep entrails) 2. Oman
    C. Grasshoppers 3. England
    D. Sheep’s eyes 4. Scotland
  10. True or false: Saudi Arabians don’t eat lobsters.
  • Bonus question. True or false: You should never cut the point off brie cheese.

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  1. B. The maitre d’ supervises all the floor service; surreptitiously slipping him US$20 may get you a good table.
  2. False. Europeans generally think those foods are revolting.
  3. B. Dog is considered a delicacy in many parts of Asia.
  4. B. Now your challenge is to use the correct utensils!
  5. A, 2; B, 3; C, 1
  6. False. Make your reservations for 10 p.m.
  7. D
  8. True. When tipsy Guatemalans have a fight, it is often blamed on the “blood of the devil” from the boj.
  9. A, 3; B, 4; C, 1; D, 2
  10. True — and False!   While some Muslims enjoy eating lobster, prawns, and crabs, some orthodox schools of Islam are instructed by their religious leaders not to eat crustaceans. The explanation that we have received can range from the fact that lobster do not have scales or spines (backbones) – to their scavenger nature. That would mean that lobster, crabs, and prawns are Haraam for some Muslims.  
  • Bonus Question: True.
    You never cut the tip off Brie cheese because you would be taking the largest portion of the center part of the cheese. That means that other diners end up with more of the rind. If you cut slender, “pie shaped” segments of the cheese, everyone gets to have a balanced amount of cheese and rind.