1. Globe-24Comanche Moon, the latest novel by US author Larry McMurtry, tells the early story of characters from which of his previous books?
    A. Horseman, Pass By
    B. The Last Picture Show
    C. Lonesome Dove
  2. The 1963 novel Rayuela was a revolutionary work by Argentine author Julio Cortázar. True or false: The novel was noted for its unusual structure, which allowed the reader to begin reading at different chapters in the book.
  3. Polish author Henryk Sienkiewicz’s trilogy was so popular that it was translated into more than forty languages. Which one of these works by Sienkiewicz is not part of the trilogy?
    A. The Deluge
    B. With Fire and Sword
    C. Quo Vadis?
  4. True or false: The 1994 Booker Prize, awarded to James Kelman for How Late It Was, How Late, was controversial because of the book’s profanity and arcane Scots dialect.
  5. Although most Central American authors write in Spanish, Beka Lamb author Zee Edgell writes in English, the official language of her native country. Which country is it?
    A. Belize
    B. Costa Rica
    C. Panama
  6. The Dream of the Red Chamber, by Cao Xuequin, was first published in 1765. True or false: This work is often considered the finest novel ever written in vernacular Chinese.
  7. Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1982. True or false: He is the author of the international bestseller One Hundred Years of Solitude.
  8. True or false: The hero of Brazilian author Moacyr Scliar’s first novel, The Centaur in the Garden, is the half-human, half-horse son born to Jewish parents who immigrated to Brazil.
  9. French novelist Jean Cocteau penned the famous novel Les Enfants Terribles in 1929. True or false: Twenty-one years later, Cocteau adapted the novel into film.
  10. True or false: German novelist Günter Grass is the author of such classic books as Siddhartha and Steppenwolf.

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  1. C. The novel won the 1986 Pullitzer Prize for fiction.
  2. True
  3. C. Quo Vadis? focuses on early Christians persecuted by the Roman Empire.
  4. True
  5. A. Beka Lamb was a joint winner of the 1982 Fawcett Society Book Prize.
  6. True. It also had a tremendous influence on later art forms, including Chinese opera.
  7. True. Best-selling author Márquez is also credited with popularizing the literary genre known as magic realism (lo real maravilloso).
  8. True.
  9. True. Besides being a filmmaker and novelist, Cocteau was also a poet, dramatist, and artist.
  10. False. Those novels were written by the late German novelist Hermann Hesse. Günter Grass is best known for his 1959 novel The Tin Drum.